S T A C E Y    H O L L O W A Y

"As a contemporary artist, I am interested in creating scenes of intimate moments that exhibit my emotions and memories. I am motivated by my experiences and the subjects that surround me to proudly bestow the perception of a specific landscape, the Midwest. The moments that I construct, combine my ideas about displacement with identity and home. I use traditional and non-traditional techniques in object-making that both draw from contemporary and craft-based disciplines, such as metalcasting, woodworking, scale modeling, and bookmaking. My work and sensibilities are between art as a professional practice and the intuitive aspects of "Outsider Art." Outsider art is a non-academic approach to practicing art and exemplifies eccentric, unconventional ideas, and/or intricate fantasy worlds. The themes in my work are more akin to Outsider mentality, while still relating to the knowledge and culture of the art world. Through my specific techniques and research, I explore the intuitive nature of Outsider art practices while maintaining a cognitive understanding of my processes."

"My artwork arises from a displacement of home. Home is no longer a physical place; it now exists in my heart and memories. I use a personal narrative that embodies a developed vocabulary of symbols to illustrate the struggle that exemplifies any individual as they mature. I strive to depict a world of anxieties and fears that collide with a world of ambiguous subconsciousness. I use my own life experiences to construct associative memoirs and scenes that explore the dynamic impact of transformation and growth."